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If you are looking for a podiatrist in Rochester, New York we welcome you to our practice.

One of the goals of our website is to provide you an extension of our practice. As you navigate through the site you will find a wealth of information about podiatry, foot and ankle ailments, treatments available, exercising and shoes. There is an overview of our practice including our doctor and staff, office hours, insurance and appointment procedures, maps, directions and contact information.

As a licensed podiatrist in Rochester, New York we believe our patients deserve to have the information needed to make good choices about their foot and ankle care. Our goal is to educate each patient and begin a relevant treatment program with the highest quality of care available. Whatever your foot and ankle trouble, we’ll work together to find the answers that will comfort you and bring you relief.

We take pride in providing you with a comfortable office experience. Our qualified staff is friendly and will ensure a pleasant visit. Our offices are located in Rochester, New York. You click here for directions. We invite you to email or call our office with any questions via the
contact us page and feel free to make an appointment through our request an appointment
page of our website. We also encourage you to sign-up for our informative newsletter by entering your name and email in the area provided to the left of each page. Each month you will receive important information including: foot and ankle care, exercises, heath tips as well as important updates regarding our practice.
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Being the podiatrist that provides "leading edge foot care with a gentle touch" we introduce the Animator 2000. If surgical intervention becomes necessary for your foot care you can now view that procedure so that you will know exactly what will be done. After viewing any procedure we welcome your questions or concerns. We are confident that providing you this resource will benefit you in preparedness thus speeding your recovery onward to total wholeness.
Above you will see an example of what the Animator 2000 offers. Click here to see a full library of procedures that Dr DiPrima performs most often.

The material on its website is for informational purposes only. There is not a substitute for medical device or treatment for any medical condition.  You should seek professional medical care if you have any concerns about your health and you should always consult her physician before starting any treatment process.  The information on this site, and external links to other sites, should not be interpreted as a recommendation, or endorsement for specific treatment plan, course of action or medical/healthcare provider.  Use of does not replace medical consultation with the health or medical provider.  Please call us to set up an appointment if you believe the condition exists. 

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